Anzu (Anzu)
Hi ! My name is Anzu please call me Iori ;w; I'm from Thailand My favorite Game is Ensemble stars! , On Air
Nice to meet you !

I want to be friends with everyone. Can talk to me all the time Even though I was not good enough to use Japanese and English

Next event 「nippon haku bangkok」 I go to 2 Day ! Come for me !
  • WorldCosplay No.731340
  • NicknameAnzu
  • Gender Female
  • Country/Regionราชอาณาจักรไทย
  • wody
  • 世界レイナ
  • ミソラ
  • kazusa
  • 綾歌
  • H
  • sima/mayu
  • YMD_R
  • 悠靈/むき
  • HAL
  • Kingyo