Rafael Uchiha Lino (Rafael Lino)
  • Brazil
    Hey :3 I've started in cosplay a few years ago (2008 ) , but life put me a little away from this hobby. BUT NOW I'M BACK , BABY ! Stay and follow my future projects <3 I will do my best to make great costumes And sorry for my terrible english, I am a little bad about it Oh, I almost forgot! Please, follow my page on facebook, too https://www.facebook.com/UsagiMayuCosplay/
  • Venezuela
    Hi! I'm Mile c: I am a very friendly and outgoing girl , I love Jojo 's Bizarre , Harry Potter , Kill la kill, Naruto ( My OTP is Sasusaku xD) And I love everything that is fantasy , romance and kawaii things. What I like to do cosplay is meeting new people , creaar things with creativity and ingenuity. My fanPage in Facenook is https://www.facebook.com/Mile-Jostar-890494444303934/?ref=hl Xoxo <3
  • Japan
    Nice to meet you!! My name is miel . Sorry,I don't speak only in simple English. I am bad at English, but if that's okay please be my friend. I love Nintendo, Puyo, Kingdom Hearts, and BEMANI !!! *************** ゲームは人生。 ゲームがないと生きていけない系レイヤーです。 最近衣装製作始めました。 マイナーすぎるキャラや衣装に力入れすぎてる。 任天堂と魔導物語とぷよぶよとBEMANI系音ゲーとKHあたりで活動中。あとひなビタおばさんしてる。 任天堂とコンパイルは20年以上追っかけるくらいに熱入ります。 ARCHIVE : 266192 Twitter : epic_xiii
  • Ecuador
    Hola! Soy PandaBlue. Inicié en el cosplay desde los 17 y ahora tengo 19 Amo los pandas, el cine, el anime y hacer lo que me gusta. Cosplay! *-* Espero mejorar poco a poco
  • Canada
    Hi I'm Natsuki I'm a Canadian cosplayer from Toronto~ I'm mixed Filipino/Scottish Age 22 Height 165cm 5ft5 please like my facebook page, youtube and follow me on Instagram https://www.facebook.com/Natsukis.Cosplay/ Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/sisterprincess101 Instagram Natsukis.Cosplay and my photography instagram is summers.fantasy.photography i recently started photography~ so i will be sharing my work on here not just my cosplay~
  • South Korea
    Mail: cocoto12@naver.com Cure: http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=236062 facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coco.zam Twitter: https://twitter.com/zam_228 costume maker Hello Nice to meet you! 방문 감사해요! ♡Thank you >_<
  • Portugal
    Hi.. I'm an amateur cosplayer from Portugal ;) Want to meet new cosplayers arround lhe world! I like everithing based on Anime... ;) anime, music, manga, cosplay... I want to follow you and all my friends and see their progress kissus
  • Brazil
    Deviantart: http://jullifonseca.deviantart.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jullifonsecacosplayer
  • Japan
    2016/09/23 Twitter*@akuriru777 ⇒コスプレの事全然つぶやかないです
  • Italy
    Hi Guys!! ,,ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ,, I'm an Italian Cosplayer since 2005! 🍒 🍓 🍉 [ Registered recently. (I'm updating my profile) Thanks for being here!!! ] 🐾 Follow me on web 🐾 🌼 Facebook 🌼 https://www.facebook.com/martina.corona.meh 🌼 Instagram 🌼 https://www.instagram.com/dollmarty/
  • Netherlands
    Hey my name is Linde I like anime,manga,cosplay,etc, but that's pretty obvious isn't it XD ?
  • Japan
    I'm beni-botan from Japan,nice to meet you all (*^_^*)ノ♪ I want to become friends with everyone in the world. Thanks. こんにちは! 関西と関東でマイペースに活動しております、紅牡丹と申します! コスプレを通して沢山の方とお知り合いになりたいです♪ 宜しくお願いします^^ ☆archive☆ 59963
  • Taiwan
    我是王子妃,是藝人,是魔術師,是模特兒,是Coser,也希望成為你的朋友! Hi I'm Fay Prince!! I'm a Artist, a Magician, a Model and a Coser. But now I want to be YOUR FRIEND!!! FB FanPage:【王子妃的妃行城堡Fay's COStle】 https://www.facebook.com/FayCOStle
  • Germany
    Hi everyone. I'm new here at Worldcosplay. I hope to get along ;) I'm Anime-Fan and I'm Cosplayer since 2011 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tara.tokyo
  • Russia
    Hey, guys! I've got a really nice A6 size cosplay prints, and want to share them with you! So - it's my first giveaway! Please follow my cosplay fb page (https://www.facebook.com/linaalucardcosplay) and write a comment if you want to get 2 cards (i choose it randomly) and send me your name/address in a message. Hope you'll like it ^^