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  • Philippines
  • Russia
    Hi everyone! ^^ I'm Russian cosplayer. My name Maria :3 I like cosplay very much. Have a nice day ^_^ Facebook: Vk: Deviantart:
  • Russia
    The girl with strangenesses.
  • Greece
    Hello! I'm Kurai (aka Jin.Ku) from Greece. I really appreciate for checking my cosplays~
  • Mexico
    Hooooolaaa! Soy Allan, soy una cosplayer orgullosamente mexicano y durante 5 años mi pasión ha sido el cosplay. :3 Hiiiiiiiii! I'm Allan, I'm a Mexican cosplayer and my passion has been cosplaying over 5 years. :3
  • Malaysia
    Year started cosplay : 2009 Cosplay History : Uchiha Sasuke(Naruto Shippuden), Kanda Yu(D Gray Man), Akaito Shion(Fan made Vocaloid) Facebook : Cure No. : 274713 Reason of cospaly : want to try out something new And nice to meet you all (^_^)
  • Italy
    Hi guys! Welcome to my WC page, I'm an italian Cosplayer since April 2011! I'm a Kuroshitsuji fan and Cosplay is my biggest passion right now! :3 My next Cosplays are: -Erwin Smith and Ymir from SnK -Masami Iwasawa from Angel Beats -Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kougami from Psycho-Pass Enjoy the piics <3 :D
  • Italy
    Hi to all cosplayer!:) I'm Filippo for my parents (for the rest of the world i'm Jigen :P) I'm a Cosplayer since May of 2012,Welcome to my page!:) Take a look to my facebook page!:D Next cosplay: Alucard,Hellsing
  • Japan
    you→Man       likes making a weapon orin→Woman     like photography      I am really bad at English, but if that's okay please be my friend. AKIRA NARUTO BERSERK 北斗の拳 FINAL FANTASY Marvel Comics Fate/zero テラフォーマーズ 艦隊これくしょん We are these faces since we were born お店やってます。
  • Japan
    Hello. I’m Yuko. ( ´∀`)ノ I’m a graphic designer living in Japan. So I am good at processing a photograph. I like watching the photograph of all. Loves video games. Loves more DC comics!! Sorry, I am not good at English.(´・ω・) But I love all !! Nice meeting you.ヽ(・∀・ )ノ My pixiv : My Cure : My Twitter : @stupid_f_rope
  • Japan
    HELLO!! こんにちは!! MAXX(マックス)って言います(`∀´) みんな、楽しんでコスプレやろうぜ♪ everybody , Let`s ENJOY Cosplay!! Cure:26167 Cosplays Archive:2561 ◆Like◆ ONE PIECE/FINAL FANTASY/Assassin's Creed biohazard(resident evil)/GURREN LAGANN etc...
  • Spain
    hii!!! i'm Kittychan nice to meet you. ^O^)7 i hope you like my cosplay. Most of my cosplays are handmade by me and my mom. we can be friends and extend our passion for cosplay with everyone muahahaha. thanks for follow me, and to take the time to see ah! I do not wear wigs (for the moment), at the moment I'm using my own hair. P: sorry for my bad english... i'm trying to improve it.
  • South Korea
    South Korean (Republic Of Korea) SWAT TEAM Costume player Concept Costume / Team leader, Point man, Security Agent...-ETC. (BLOG)-Korean Photo, UCC film, Festival
  • China
    入门者,学习中 SINA Weibo:
  • Philippines
    Filipino Cosplayer. Amateur Photographer. Graphic Artist. Foodie. Traveler. Member of []: a Cosplay Enthusiasts & Foodies Group in the Philippines.
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm David Renan, 17 years old. I am a Brazilian cosplayer, and all my cosplays are handmade by myself, but of course can always count on help from my friends. cosplayer since 2010. And i love the Victorian era Facebook: Tumblr: Deviantart: Messenger: Skipe: davidrenan-kun