Sisters Tamagochi (Sisters Tamagochi)
we are twins) Yoru and Gara. costumes we do ourselves. It is love cosplay.
love to do cosplay yaoi. cosplay as the characters find themselves. have their views in cosplay) cosplay like feel. And not afraid to show their ideas.
do not use Photoshop. recognize natural soulful live cosplay and strive to become better. But do yourself and costumes as we can.
we like to do romantic couples)Cosplay is a great feeling when cosplay with soul)
Thank you for your attention)
  • WorldCosplay No.41479
  • NicknameSisters Tamagochi
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionРоссийская Федерация
  • 白川汐
  • Seto Kai
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  • 怪怪
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