Bradley-Chan (Fabio Santos)
well I have a project for my 1st cosplay, which is the Soul "Soul Eater", I hope you get well, after all will be my first cosplay, and I'm a little afraid of getting bad, but I will strive to the maximum even more that I have many great friends and friends helping me with the help of great costumes as they also believe that my get well

good is only around the middle of the year bring the pictures of my cosplay from Soul Eater ^^
  • WorldCosplay No.39121
  • NicknameBradley-Chan
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRepública Federativa do Brasil
  • 토미아
  • Kitsune Chan
  • 繭
  • Yuki
  • 92
  • 流星
  • ルル
  • =陽=
  • 伊東ハイラ
  • 水哥
  • Hanyaan
  • 究極
  • Jere
  • kingsa
  • 雪兒凜子
  • Jessi Chan
  • WCBrasil
  • guilcosplay
  • Gin
  • ハッピーライフ
  • Taylor Sasha
  • Kitsune Chan
  • Yuki
  • akihiko
  • mitsu
  • Uvibee