CriminalViolet (PaolettaP Pasi)
Hi everyone!!!
Welcome to my WorldCosplay page!
I'm an Italian cosplayer since 2009. I work together with my team to make every kind of character as real as possible and make you dream.
Every costumes is a challenge, every detail is essential.
I choose character who i know and who i feel very near to my personality, appearance.
I hope you enjoy!
Believe in your dreams. Always.
  • WorldCosplay No.32301
  • NicknameCriminalViolet
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionRepubblica Italiana
  • Ryoko-demon
  • JILL
  • Mogu
  • EKI★
  • LadyGinevra
  • Cris
  • Hikari Hoshiko
  • Wojti & Iya
  • Eli G Hidalgo
  • Usagi
  • Nenwen
  • Anika Aicel
  • 虚友子
  • Dadde
  • 小炜_风吹不倒的柔情
  • Satotchi
  • YR
  • Viviana