Sammy Padfoot
I'm a beta reader for about 7 years, I love what I do and don't have much talent for writing. So, I intend to become an editor/reviser graduated from USP.
I spend lot of time listening to music, reading and in the computer. I'm crazy for candy, the eastern and british cultures, my tumblr, cosplay and rock 'n' roll. he he he

Well... Arigatō bye bye earthlings! 8D

  • WorldCosplay No.101075
  • Country/RegionRepública Federativa do Brasil
  • Leví Kaulitz
  • guilcosplay
  • Rafa Tadeu
  • 包子 & HANA
  • Papuko
  • LALA二世
  • 曮
  • PD
  • 小静爺爺
  • Kure Mah
  • 提
  • 小蛋☆小提
  • Kery
  • Jessi Chan
  • WCBrasil
  • guilcosplay
  • Papuko
  • Patty Koztowski
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  • Rafa Tadeu