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  • South Korea
    ∞♂-Music&RemixCast Go!-Animation&Movie&Girl`s Love4ever-♀∝ ☞My Room∵ Hompy: Blog: ☞My Messengers∝ Nate ON: SayClub Tachy:tongcast ☞My SNS§ Kakao:Story:@constantine_b2 Line:@ Instagram:@constantine.b2_official Pinterest:@linksboxurl ☞E mail@ =필수= 주위사항:사진,이미지,광고성사진은 팔로워않받고 있습니다. 공지사항:욕설,악성댓글,나뿐언어,상처나아품주는글,광고등 금지 다른곳에서도 지켜주세요 =END= TongCast♬ 올림
  • Brazil
    Hey, you! Welcome to my kingdom! (haha) I'm Bittersweet Hime, a brazilian cosplayer who loves books and scary movies/animes. I really hope you like my job, was made with very love and care. ~ I'll always give my best! ~ You can found me there:
  • United States
  • Taiwan
    大家好我叫做 Misaki 智緋 ,可以叫我 智緋 或 Misaki ~ 我來自台灣 興趣是繪畫 Cosplay 喜歡我的作品的話歡迎來關注我 也非常歡迎來自世界各地的朋友們來跟我聊天 請多多指教~ Hi ! My name is Misaki 智緋 cosplayer from Taiwan 始めまして みさき智緋 と申します 台湾のコスプレイヤ”です 趣味は 絵画 と コスブレ です 今日本語を勉強しています よろしくお願いします FB:夏智緋 twitter:みさき トモヒ instagram ID: misaki_tomohi_cos pixiv:ID_4689071
  • Finland
    Hi! I have been cosplaying since 2007 and Im a certified makeup artist that loves to do different clown cosplays. I make every costume myself and my passion is to compete against other cosplayers. I was one of four Finnish representative's at NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championship) on 2013 with my Mad Moxxi cosplay. Find me also at:
  • Brazil
    Hello, I'm Leilliane Sherilynn I'm a Brazilian cosplay (PERNAMBUCO) I hope you like my cosplay, are made with great effort and care ... I LOVE KUROSHITSUJI \Ô/ THIS IS MY LIFE <3 (//^o^)// My Facebook My Instagram Arigato =) ありがとう