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    Hi, My name is Fixic . I do not a cosplayer , but I really like anime and cosplay . Here I found many wonderful cosplay images. I admire your work , thank you for what you are doing it .
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    A lover of all Arts ♥ Cosplayer and Stage Performer from Argentina Always remember to follow your dreams and be whatever you want to be ♥♥♥ You can also suppor me on ♥♥♥
  • South Korea
    Hello! My name is maru, welcome to my page♥ Hope you enjoy my cosplay *^-^* #ARCHRVE :: [Language - 日本語, 한국어]
  • South Korea
    Contact)Twitter: facebook: instagram: sansin_ e-mail: KOREAN professional cosplayer & model
  • Gua
    ask: FB: 最近常駐FB 合作也歡迎邀約 感謝關注的各位 謝謝大家不嫌棄 (●ˊε ˋ。●) 歡迎交流 (●ˊ∀ˋ)人(ˊ∀ˋ●)
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  • Taiwan
    Hi~ I'm a Taiwanese cosplayer. Welcome to share with me. ※ ※ ※!/w23352002000
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    大家好~ 還是很嫩的coser一枚~請大家多多指教(゚∀゚) 小嫩艾格兔(EGG rabbit)一枚(*∀*)/ 歡迎到我的FB上交流 喜歡請給小心心鼓勵~ hello everyone~You can call me KAKO or EGG, and I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan. Hope you like my cosplays~ヽ(・∀・) ♥ FB:
  • Malaysia
    Cosplayer from Malaysia (o゚ω゚o) Facebook : Weibo : よろしくお願いします (´°∀°`)
  • Taiwan
    安安安安安(!? 這裡是 喵喵 本命 シド 副命 無限多(!? (# SUG/L'Arc〜en〜Ciel/彩冷える/D=OUT// 往成為 山口皮卡丘psycho-pass哈姆太郎 為目標前進(## 有瘋子XDD 2013-2-18 開始COS 請多多指教//////
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    Official Fan Page on Facebook ^^ :