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    赤井/Akai。 ------------- 近期主坑↓↓ 全職/LL/刀劍亂舞/アイ★チュウ/劍三/不良人/庫洛魔法使/idolish7 ------------- ▲FB https://www.facebook.com/eleven2525 ▲MAIL miamu2525@gmail.com ▲PLURK https://www.plurk.com/Tokino2525
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    Hello. It's nice to see you all, just an amateur cosplayer. Please support me. (^-^)// <3 <3 Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/SoyokazeNightshade/ Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/___nyanko___/ Yoroshiku nya ... >///<
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    各位好,我是紗蘿娜,來自台灣。 喜歡ACG及VOCALOID相關的東西。 請多多指教。 こんにちは,私は紗蘿娜です,台湾人です アニメと漫画とゲームとvocaloidは大好きです よろしくお願いします Hello,nice to see you. I'm Sara,come from Taiwan. I love animates comics games and vocaloids very much. Thank you for your visiting. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sw7457 Cure No. 201691
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    Yup, guys. I'm Cellsius, cosplayer and photographer from belarus ;3 You can find me also: VK https://vk.com/cellsius Vk [photo] https://vk.com/cellsius_photo ASK.FM http://ask.fm/Little_PrinCce DEVIANT http://cellsious.deviantart.com/ INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/little_princce/ TWITTER http://twitter.com/alekonit
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    Email: IvyLim27698@gmail.com Instagram: @ieathelime Twitter: @ieathelime Askfm: @ieathelime
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    ||Chinese||Currently in US||Let's be friends!!||
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    Inazuma Eleven ♡
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    Hello there~ I am Vivi from Hong Kong. Hope you all love my cosplay! <3