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    HI,nice to meet you. I'm a cosplayer (newebie) from Malaysia ,I'm started cosplay from Comic Fiesta 2012.Improving steps by steps. I'm a half japanese and half chinese Hope you like my cosplay .minna yoroshiku onegaishimasu >_<. 你好我是淳君,我是马来西亚的菜鸟cosplayer(努力进步中),也是个华日混血儿,我是在2012年的Comic Fiesta开始我的cosplay生涯,恳请各位多多包涵和指教,希望你们会喜欢我的cos,谢谢>_<。
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    Hello! I 'm Japanese cosplayer who is enjoying with wife. (Wife cosplay name is Michiru Akinaka) Usually, I participate in the event of Tokyo and circumference area. And sometimes participated also in a distant event and location. (For example Kyoto,Aizu,Hakodate etc) I'm until using cosplay site "Cure". ("Cure" is Japanese cosplay web site.) This site is linking "World Cosplay" at August 2014. For this reason,I'm registration this site and linking "Cure".
  • Philippines
    Hello Minna! Cosplayer from Philippines! a newbie at cosplaying! started Cosplaying at March 2014 ^___^ I love Japanese stuffs such as anime ! *^_^* . Feel Free to add me on FaceBook And Pls Like My FaceBook Page
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    I'm cosplayer frome Thailand. Nice to meet yoou <3 FB : Skype : Tawisa.chusuwan1
  • Malaysia
    Yaho~~ Here is Xinyo come from Malaysia ~~~^^ Nice to meet u =w= 欢迎交流wwww Fb >>
  • Malaysia
    yINg here >W< from Malaysia~ Yoroshiku ne Onegaishimasu >//W//<
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    是正太控,鄰家葛格控~(? 全員向為主~~ 都是動化黨XD 基本上大番都有碰~XDD 變成熟人後會有極大反差的真本性出現~ㄎㄎ 歡淫同好搭訕~ww PLURK: Facebook {純搭訕用W}:
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    Hi! I'm a cosplayer from Singapore ^-^ ~ Youtube: Instagram: chocoy_ Cure: 372305