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Viet Nam
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    Hi~ my name is Mei ~ I'm from Viet Nam ~ because i'm a high school student so i not enough money to pay for clothings Cosplay. And now, i only be cosplay my HEAD (or my eyes) by my Photoshop. I hope people don't hate me :")))... Thanks everyone ~ ~I LOVE COSPLAY~ [facebook] :
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    Cure No. 186780 PLURK: ALBUM: WEIBO:
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    Hi, I'm Tozoiky I'm from Vietnnam So happy to be cosplayer ^^ My fb : My ins :
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    おはよう <3 ❥Facebook ❥Gmail * * ❥Instagram #Jiinna ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❥Fact about me ❥Maji NA ❥I'm 18 ❥Height : 1m65 ❥Weight : 47kg -------------------------------Thank ❥ You------------------------------------------
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    はじめまして!さくらです(^^♪ 好きなジャンルはそのときそのときですが。今は艦これにハマッています( *´艸`) アーカイブにもいますので是非なかよくしてください(*^。^*)
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    Hello , born deaf and I wish to become a cosplay ^^ hobby: draw, cosplay I study Japanese. Next I'm going to do cosplay ヽ(o^―^o)ノ I'm sorry that do not know much English(╥﹏╥) thank you <(_ _)>
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    I love everything related to cosplay, anime, yaoi, boylove, danmei Like to follow anycoser
  • Indonesia
    Indonesian Chinese,2000年11月10日,Global Prestasi JHS,インドネシア と 日本 大好き (Anime,Manga,Vocaloid,and want to be a cosplayer), ロリコン と 変態, はじめまして、私和 ミカエル えズラ。
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    Cos Name ♥ May-chan Cos Period ♥ Since December 2015 Cos Denotation ♥ Happy and satisfaction Hope to ♥ Meet more cosplayers and learn from them ═════════════ Facebook ♥ Twitter ♥ Instagram ♥