Mon❥小夢夢 (Mon)
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
    Hello! I'm Nisher Neko, from Malaysia,sabah cosplayer, I just started cosplaying last September 2015.
  • Philippines
    Yo! What's up? I'm just your ordinary cosplayer, just want to cosplay with no one holding me. Hahahaha, I'm from the Philippines in the land of promise; Mindanao! I'm proud of where I am now, lets be friends. Okay? :) Oh, before I forgot, I am part of Team Tibay[Fortitude] a group of friends bonded for cosplay; we are not friends anymore, we're family... :3 Facebook: Team Tibay Youtube Channel:
  • Malaysia
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  • Viet Nam
    Hello :3 My name is Linh :"> You can call me Rin-chan~ I'm a cosplayer from Vietnam
  • China
  • China
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    Thaina yukino
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    非人類。 NOT being a human。