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糖糖* (Candi)
  • France
    Hello ! I m a french cosplay, lives in Poitiers. I'm 22 yo ^^ Speak with me if you want =) I make cosplay since 7 years. You can follow me here too : ► FACEBOOK ◄ ► DeviantArt ◄ Youtube : Kasuke Okumura kiss <3
  • United States
    Hello! My name is Kessa, I'm 19 years old and I live in North Carolina. I've been a cosplayer since 2010. I do a lot of sewing/crafting and dance to J-pop music in my spare time.. My favorite con is Animazement! DeviantArt: Youtube: ~ Etsy: ~
  • China
  • Spain
  • Hong Kong
    I am a Amateur Photographer from Hong Kong. Follow me if you like my photo =) Please visit my page for non-cosplay portrait: Facebook page : Please message me if you want me to be your photographer 新手COS攝, 歡迎香港COSER找我做攝 =p 喜歡動漫有: Fate, 物語系列, 俺妹, 妖狐×僕SS, 緣之空, 偽戀, 友少, 路人女主, 暗殺教室, 東京喰種, 人渣的本願, No Game No Life, DATE A LIVE, Magi, Love Live!, SAO, HxH, One Piece, 草莓100% ... etc
  • Brunei
    Just a Chinese-Muslim taking photo's of my friends Cosplaying in Brunei Darussalam~ I'm not any "Famous Photographer", just a simple Local Photographer~ With a simple NIKON D3100 with no special gear, only simple 8GB Memory Stick and that's it~ Even when doing photo shoot I dont use any special gear, just lights around me. Slowly encouraging people in my country to start Cosplaying bit by bit, giving them confidence to cosplay as their favorite or dream character.
  • Thailand
    Hello~!! My name is Angies Desuu~~ Cosplayer From Thailand Nice to meet you >///< . สวัสดีค่าา แองจี้(ดี๊ด๊า) เองงง คนไทยค่า(คงไม่ต้องบอกเนาะ555) แอดมาเป็นเพื่อนกันได้น้า อยากมีเพื่อนเลเยอร์เยอะๆ เพิ่งคอสได้ 1 ปี จ้า . FB : FB Page :
  • Malaysia
    Hi, I'm Mizuka ^^ I'm looking forward to hearing your comments xD 你好~~ 我是Mizuka ^^ 各位大大請多多指教哦 xD こんにちは,私ミズカです ^^ よろしくお願いします xD
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Russia
  • Germany
    Hi, I'm Cleo, a Cosplay Artist from Duesseldorf, Germany // rocking conventions since 2005 // // has a weakness for cute girls and pleated skirts// Feel free to talk to me and visit me on Twitter or Facebook ♡
  • South Korea
    22살 코스어 군대에 복무중 전역후 코스프레 할 예정! 원피스 사보 참모총장 일곱개의 대죄 메리오다스
  • China
    荷溪 ✈️China🇨🇳 weibo: ins:MR.MR.RIVER
  • Singapore
    Cosplayer from Singapore! Started cosplaying in 2013.