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    안녕하세요, 요조입니다^^ nice to meet you! my name is YO JOH, from seoul, korea Thank you for come by my page! Please don't scrap my picture to facebook and any other homepage! 사진을 함부로 스크랩,재업로드 하지 말아주세요!
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    Hello!! I'm Saoirsezèl (seer-sha-zel) and i'm based in New Zealand. I cosplay sometimes.
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    Hello. i'm a Danish cosplayer I really love cosplay and dressing up.
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    From Brazil - São Paulo Facebook - Tumblr - Instagram -
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    Photographer from Singapore. been shooting cosplay for sometime.Hope everyone enjoy my pics :D Do follow me on my facebook page too :D
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    South Korea
    Hello!^^ Korea, I Costumes player. Email: Blog:
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    NetworkEngineer.Musician.DigitalArtist.Photographer.Human || Main Profile: FB Page: Portfolio:
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