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    Hi everyone ! I'm Glissu. I'm a cosplayer from Ho Chi Minh City, I would love to post some cosplay someday... When I'm legal enough :3
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    ชื่อ ไทด์ครับบบ>< ชอบเครื่องแบบทหารมากกกกก เป็นคนใจดีไม่หยิ่งน้าาาาาาาา My Twitter: https://twitter.com/AVevsky
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    The biggest fan of all kind of Sailor Moon cosplays and a KPop fan. My website: http://kpopnews.medianewsonline.com/red-velvet-released-their-official-lightstick.html I've being collecting some stuff lately ;) https://freedomsponsors.org/user/koreavibe/ http://sailormooncostumes.weebly.com/ http://quiqs.com/sailormooncosplaycostumes http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/user/sailormooncostumes
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    Hi everyone, welcome to my cosplay profile. I love to cosplay The Monkey King from Journey to the West. It is one of my favorite character of all. I have cosplayed 3 different version of The Monkey and I am looking forward to make the 4th Monkey King costume to cosplay in 2018. This is my cosplay page on Facebook. Hope you like my page. ^_^ https://www.facebook.com/CharlesAwesomeTorontoCosplay/
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    Hi hi! I'm Hikari from Malaysia and I'm an artist, cosplayer and photographer! I'd started cosplaying in 2015 but only took it up seriously in 2016. You can also follow me on other platforms! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hikari_tepes/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HikariCosplay16/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HikariTepes
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