Chi-chi (Arjay Arcayan)

Hi my name is Arjay de Saisem Arcayan a cosplayer from Ormoc City, Philippines!!!^-^ I've started cosplaying ever since November 27, 2016. I hope to be increasing my cosplays as I continue to grow and I'll be able to share to you guys my cosplays and the props I've made myself. If you guys can find me on facebook cause I post updates there on my cosplans. You can find md by typing my name in the search box "Arjay de Saisem Arcayan." Thanks^-^
  • WorldCosplay No.607278
  • NicknameChi-chi
  • Geschlecht Weiblich
  • Age 19
  • LandRepublika ng Pilipinas
  • Birthday 06/16
  • Ruel ZM
  • Goro-Sensei
  • Mizayuki Akiwara
  • Thánh Thông Master
  • Sunnyflower
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  • 浅紫雪夜
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