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Raigeki Anbu (Raigeki Anbu)
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  • Singapore
    I cosplay characters that I love and I want to bring them to life ^.^
  • Hong Kong
    大家好,我是 auto,香港 Cosplay 攝攝 希望認識多一點有共同興趣既朋友 Page
  • China
    (´∀`*) hello! I come from China. 【葉狐】is my chinese name. En..... literally it means leaf +lowrie( fox ). But it's just a name,so you can call me little fox ro lowrie. Jojo/HunterXHunter/Love live/K/刀剣乱舞/ダンガンロンパ/ハイキュー❤ You can reach me from these website.↓ twitter: Sina weibo:
  • Mexico
    HI EVERYONE! My name is Elenrel, i'm from Mexico. I'm begginer cosplayer and photographer! both are my passion!... ¡LOVELY BEAR HUGS! Hola!! Soy Elenrel, soy mexicana. Soy cosplayer y fotógrafa ¡ambas actividades son mi pasión! espero les guste mi trabajo. ¡ABRAZOS DE OSITO PACHONSITO!! ----- ----- -----
  • Hong Kong
    大家好,這邊小栩,好高興關注了我的朋友,雖然出cos幾年了,但還是微塵一粒,還請大家多多指教。 這邊衣服小型道具大多為自製,化妝後製一向自理,有興趣交流可以加FB哦~ Cure No. 273824 Plurk:satsumali
  • Canada
  • Indonesia
    Hi i m Tejece just your secret admirer watching you from away *LOL take your cosplay picture without you realize *LOL, 're u stalker, dude? cameo maybe, *cameco u mean trust me, its female account for purpose
  • Taiwan
    各位安好,這裡是小馬麗OwO 有點內向,熟了之後就會很外向(?) 不介意的話歡迎認識唷QwQ FB Fanpage : 如果喜歡我的作品的話可以來戳戳粉專喔~~ COS相關的事情都會在上面發佈^q^ 還請大家多多指教!!
  • Argentina
    Hi, I'm Annys I have 23 years ... started with cosplays in 2013 and I really liked this Hobby so every day trying to improve as a cosplayer, as we all liked this :3 I leave my cosplays page : and my Facebook
  • Indonesia
    Hi I'm Ola from Indonesian ^^ nice to know you all cosplayers in the world facebook : Ola Aphrodite feel free to ask me anything
  • Indonesia
    Hi, i'm Naomi cosplayer from Indonesia i'm 15 years old ●*´∀`*●ノ i love Anime, Manga,Cosplay, J-Movie,Japanese Food,and Japanese Music. i hope you like my Cosplay and i hope you guys always support me. Facebook : Mail : Twitter : @cosernaomi PS : i'm Fujoshi hard level >//<
  • Viet Nam
    Akane Akai Vietnamese Cosplayer Follow for more of my projects :'D I'll do it with passion and great effort! (( FB )) (( Page ))
  • Germany
    Hey I am a german Cosplayer :3 ( my Facebook Cosplay page :3 ) Half german half Italy ^-^ I love both of them~ <3
  • Philippines
    Konichiwa!!! Watashiwa Mizayuki Akiwara desu!!! Hajimashite!!!
  • Japan
    Hi there! I am a Japanese cosplayer! CCさくらが大好きです。 今刀剣乱舞がアツい。 一期一振沼にダイブしました。 ◎Twitter : ◎mail : ◎archive : ◎cure : ◎CH9 : ◎Facebook :
  • Japan
    Twitter @u7hrasn