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Raigeki Anbu (Raigeki Anbu)
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  • Italy
    Konnichiwa minna!! My name is Denise and I'm an Italian cosplayer since 2010! I'm still a beginner but I love cosplay so much! <3 I hope you like my cosplay =) Bye!!=3
  • Sai
    Hi. I'm from Russia. Thanks for visiting my profile :) I do love Jananese culture and interested in anime, manga, games. You can find me in Instagram Twitter VK
  • Puerto Rico
    Hello! I've been cosplaying for almost 3 years. I hope to meet new friends here and get tips to keep improving my cosplays. Enjoy~ feel free to talk to me :D
  • United States
    24 Years Old, Tattoos, Piercings Fashion Photographer Cosplayer Gamer Camper Hiker Horseback Riding Otaku Adventurer Trouble Maker
  • Ukraine
    Hi everyone! My name is Julia and I'm a cosplayer from Ukraine Hope you like my cosplays ^-^
  • United States
    Hello ^__^ I've been cosplaying in Hawaii for about 10 years. Over the years, I've been taking it pretty serious and having fun cosplaying every year that passes by. I hope to meet new friends that share the same interests as me. Thank you for your time and visiting my page. ^w^ You can also find me here Cure: DeviantArt: Coscom:
  • Japan
    Sorry,I need time for translation;;; Thank you for following me! I like Japanese culture! なかなかハートを返せずすみません。 まったりのんびり。 宅コスばかりであまりイベントやロケには参加しませんが、参加したら全力でローリングカメコとかしてる人。 ボカロ、東方などをメインに活動してます。最近はSB69に熱が。 リンちゃんが大好きです。嫁はパルスィです。 好きな作品の素敵レイヤー様方、ハート沢山飛ばしてすみませんorz 名前は違いますがTwitterもやってます。 こっそりコス友募集中! ボカロ/東方/断裁分離/アイカツ!/神はじ/NARUTO/アイカツ!/SB69/犬夜叉/結界師/FT/オリジナルetc. 好きなジャンルは男性向けや花ゆめなどの少女漫画が多めです。あとゲーム。
  • Philippines
    Hi! I'm Virnel De Guzman. You can call me Vi-chan. I just recently became active at cosplaying. I hope you like my cosplays. Thanks for visiting! :)
  • Philippines
    Hey guys! I'm SUZUME also known as Jay Yuchengco from Philippines, an amateur cosplayer who loves watching anime, playing games and cosplaying characters I like. Feel free to browse my pictures and thank you for rating it, I hope you like it. Also please don't hesitate to add me here - Facebook page: - Facebook: - Google+: - Email:
  • Malaysia
    Im just a beginner in cosplaying started at the ending of 2013 so pls show me the ropes k ^_^ Just for the heck of it my fav anime is KHR, KnB and Guilty Crown. Fav characters....I have plenty so I cant choose xP i love cosplaying coz its the only thing tht makes me feel free. Currently trying to learn how to sew cosplay.....hopefully am succesful Feel free to add me on facebook ><
  • Belarus
  • Ryn
    Hello, my cosplay name is Ryn we can be friends, just add me on facebook if you want to greet me or chatting with me, here is my facebook account, nice to meet you, see ya ^^ follow me on IG xx_ryn :D
  • Taiwan
    cure: 半次元: facebook:
  • Canada
    Hello there ✧v✧ ZR is love, ZR is life...
  • Taiwan
    Hello everyone,my name is NiNi. I am a taiwan cosplayer I am about 8 years old. I was born on Dec 28th 2007. Cause I'm still a child,I'm a little shy. So I can only cos the roles with my hair,but not wig. If you like NiNi's performance, please give me some encouragement. NiNi will be very happy. Thank you for your support.   FB-NiNiちゃん の Cosplay Story
  • Taiwan
    ナヤミです、最近乙女ゲーム大好き~ 同好も大歡迎です-W-// 最近乙女一直線~ 會掉的幾乎都是乙女坑((掩面 近期會生的作品: 猛獣使いと王子様 うたのプリス様 MAGI AMNESIA Clock Zero~終焉の一秒~ YAM PLURK NICOMYLIST CURE FB fans page