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    Assalamualaikum... Konnichiwa Yup For Me Im Rizkq Ichigo Fans and His Group(From Youtube & LINE) My Real Name is Yono Rimo Andrea Riz. But Now I have my new friend to work with my Master His name is Ardina Rosa I Always Support Rizky Ichigo as He Pose and Cosplay :-) Feel Free For Get Friend To Me. Wassalamualaikum.
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    Hi! I'm Sammy Chang,Japanese. Others of the Cosplay,recently that,I like the sceneryーphotograph which the pub, beach,Taiwanese street and so on.Currently, I'm exerting myself to make a [-TOHO Project- Environment of the Fantasy World]. That isn't accustomed yet to speak English. But Friend of the all over the world which is to make my dream. I'm glad to meet you.Thank you. 大家好、我叫薩米昌、是日本人照相師。有時我来回日本和台湾正在活動攝影。正和伙伴一起做照片攝影著。附帯説一下、我最喜歓東方Project的霧雨魔理沙和愛麗絲瑪格特洛依徳。有興趣的人們、請花費聲音。但是我的中文不好、請多關照。謝謝♪
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    Hi , I'm Resen, a cos Photographer. FB: Blog:
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