JPz69 (JasperZ)
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    Howdy People, Nagakuga here to greet you all. Please to Meet you. It is an amazing to know what is feel like to be cosplayer. Well going to do thing fun before get old. Life is short, so have fun and enjoy every moment in life. "As always Stay Cool, Stay Awesome".
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    ❀ • ✿ • Hi ! my name is Elizabeth ❀ • ✿ • ❀ Im from Mexicali, Mexico and I love do cosplay. Also I like the art in general, like the drawing and painting, the video games and the design in general. My biggest dream is have a job like ¨Art director¨ in a company of videogames or at least a job of ¨game designer¨ because this type of works do the two things that make me feel happy ♥ Another deam is live in Japan. I am currently studying Japanese♦
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    本人患有重度中二病和钉宫病,片子产量慢!会一些日语和英语!大家可以来找我合作或交流偶! It's a pleasure to meet you! みんなに知って嬉しかったです! AMPLE: bcy:
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