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    大家好,我是魚魚 ,很開心認識你們^_^ 最喜歡守護甜心以及暗殺教室<3 時常會有少女漫畫的cos作品^^ Hi,I'm Sakana. Nice to meet you. :) Fanspage: Fb:
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    Hello everyone ^^ My name is Akiko. I'm from Myanmar.Please follow me if u like my cosplay.I'm always trying my best.Thank you.
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    Wellcome to my page! I'm a photographer from Kyiv (Ukraine).
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    Hello My name is King Official Name Cos : King1928 I am cosplayer in thailand And Photographer Facebook :
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    Hi there! (^_^)/ My name is Akuma and I'm a german cosplay beginner ^_^ I hope you like my pictures! Feel free to tell me what you think about my stuff or how to improve it! :3 lvl 21 \(^__^)/ otaku (/°o°\) stuck in different fandoms (/>.<)/ fujoshi (~>.>)~ writer \(0.0)/ pro LGBT <3 Instagram: Facebook:
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    欢迎关注我的微博 这里cn影子狐,谢谢你肯来看我的主页QAQ My cosplayer's name is 影子狐(ying zi hu),Thank you for coming to see my home page.QAQ My English said is not good,, I felt regarding this was sorry extremely. 私(わたし)は影子狐と申します。フォローしてくれてありがとうございます。QAQ 耻ずかしいですが、日本语はちょっとまずいです。どうぞ、よろしくお愿いします。
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