Rafael Uchiha Lino (Rafael Lino)
  • Colombia
    Cosmaker, cosplayer
  • Viet Nam
  • Rie
    United States
    Hi! My name is Rie, and I've been cosplaying since 2006. I love me some JRPGs!! The World Ends With You is a recent fave, but the Golden Sun series is and forever will be my favorite. As far as anime goes, I've been known to gravitate towards fantasy/sci-fi series! I also have a weak spot for late 90's-early 00's series.
  • aki
    Hello everyone, I come from China My favourite is Kantai Collection & 刀剣乱舞-ONLINE- My e-mail is 913209130@qq.com ❥ WEIBO http://www.weibo.com/aki0w0 ❥ CURE No.336580 http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=336580 ❥ QQ fan club number:419883052
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
    Hi :) i'm Savannah, i'm 23. I started dabbling in cosplay in May 2014 and i haven't looked back :D My favourite game franchise is Resident Evil ;) https://www.facebook.com/savannahanniecosplay http://savannah-annie.deviantart.com http://savannahannie.tumblr.com http://instagram.com/savannahannie
  • Brazil
    My name is Laura,My age is 16 and im brazilian! I Started to cosplay in 2013,and my first Cosplay was Hatsune Miku ◕ω◕ My favorites animes are Nanatsu no Taizai,Soul Eater and Shiki.
  • Thailand
  • Czech Republic
    Hi, I'm beginer cosplayer from Czech Republic ^^ I hope you like my cosplayes , hehe ^^ :)
  • Russia
    https://vk.com/marlen_e https://www.instagram.com/__marlen_e
  • South Korea
    Ncikname : Pudu from South Korea/Kor, Eng and a bit of French started cosplay at 2007 Love Marvel, DC comics, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Merlin, Fullmetal Alchemist....etc. current residence : Sydney
  • Philippines
    luffy daisuki :'3
  • Finland
    Hello! I'm 20+ girl southern Finland who got into the world of cosplay in 2007! Me elsewhere: - https://www.facebook.com/sipsinekku - http://kakkujacosplay.blogspot.fi/ - http://sipsinekku.deviantart.com/ - http://myanimelist.net/profile/Sipsinekku
  • Italy
    Hi! My name is Adriana, I'm a cosplayer since February 2016 and I like drawing too! I hope you'll enjoy my works! STAY FANTASY!! https://www.facebook.com/missflamingocosplay/ https://www.facebook.com/missflamingoo https://www.instagram.com/missflamingo.cosplay/
  • Japan
    CN:Airu From:Japan Like: 東方project/ポケットモンスター/零/ゼルダの伝説/ファイナルファンタジー(FINAL FANTASY)/バイオハザード(BIO HAZARD)/大神/深夜隊/ハッピーツリーフレンズ(Happy Tree Friends)/MOTHER/デビルメイクライ(Devil May Cry)/キングダムハーツ(KINGDOM HEARTS)/テイルズオブシリーズ(TALES) Archive:http://sp.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=243035 Twitter:https://mobile.twitter.com/iru_8612