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Jeff Oliver
  • United Kingdom
    I'm a cosplayer from London, England. I'm only a beginner at cosplay, and my work isn't the best quality, but I really enjoy cosplaying and going to conventions! *3* I will aim to make as much progress as I can in my cosplay! ^w^ You can find more of my cosplay here~
  • Singapore
    We usually go on Cosplay event around Singapore and Malaysia for photo taking and share it with the social media We also take on request for private shoot. Please do support us! Thankyou Facebook Page :
  • Indonesia
    I love cosplay,nice to meet you all
  • Taiwan
    Hello everyone,my name is NiNi. I am a taiwan cosplayer I am about 8 years old. I was born on Dec 28th 2007. Cause I'm still a child,I'm a little shy. So I can only cos the roles with my hair,but not wig. If you like NiNi's performance, please give me some encouragement. NiNi will be very happy. Thank you for your support.   FB-NiNiちゃん の Cosplay Story
  • Japan
    登録してみました~! よろしくお願いします(*'ω'*)! COSPLAYS ARCHIVE◆ Cure◆
  • China
    尼嚎(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 这里是墨依然,好吧我是依依(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 会化妆会后期会卖萌会卖蠢可萝莉可正太(。・ω・。)ノ♡
  • Brazil
    YAY~!! natsu地 です~!! ★ FB Page: ★ Deviantart: I hope you like my job ♡
  • Argentina
    Hola, soy Melody JR :D y espero que te gusten mis cosplays que he hecho con mucho esfuerzo :D FACEBOOK: No uses las fotos sin haber pedido permiso antes :)
  • Vie
    Hello~ Viven here! Or, simply call me Vie (pronounced: V) Nice to meet your acquaintance! <3 I hope you like my cosplays ^^ I'm fluent in English and Chinese~ Welcome to chat :D Look for me on Instagram too:
  • Philippines
    Busy person, found Cosplay Photography as my stress reliever, trying to improve by looking on photographs posted here in our world cosplay site. You'll often see me on cosplay conventions and openshoots. Don't hesitate to inform me if you have photos on my dashboard so that I can tag you. :) Ja ne!
  • Hong Kong
    mina~貴安>w<這裏是孔明(kongming),在cos方面要向大家多多學習~ 未來の目標:以大家為努力學習目標!!!╰(^▽^)╯ 請mina多多指教~╭(●▼●)╯╯ 只求進步,希望指點 Hello everyone my name is KongMing is cosplayer fome HongKong ~ ¤initagram ;
  • China
    Hi~I'm Shi Liang.I come from China. Thanks for you see my page. I want to make many friends with cosplay Do you want be my friend?
  • Philippines
    Hello! I'm Kibi from the Philippines!~ Feel free to PM me or add me in Facebook! Upcoming Cosplays: Eri Ayase, Love Live!: School Idol Project Jacqueline, Show by Rock!! 11.08.15
  • Hong Kong
    Hello everybody~ 這邊是璧璧desu 是來自香港的Cosplayer 請大家多多指教喲www facebook page是:
  • Germany
    Hey there I'm Komaki! So....öhm....I'll just start XD I love cosplay! I love to photograph cosplayers! I love to meet someone and become friends with him/her because off his/her cosplay! In short: I love everything about it! To be honest: I can't sew it -.-' My friend Sky ( is the dressmaker. I just have the luck to borrow and wear them :D (what's pretty obvious if you look at the photos ^-^") But it's so much fun! So enjoy my site! :D
  • Sky
    Facebook: Twitter: animexx: _Sky_