• Thailand
    Hiii ヾ(>∀<☆ヾ) My name's Jin-no you can call me Jin (≧∇≦)!! I'm Coslayer From THAILAND <3 (●´3`)~ Nice 2 meet you all I hope you enjoy with my cosplays (〇´∀`〇) Thanks for follow me! <3
  • Japan
    Japanese cosplayer like:movie comic  etc... 好きなものだけコスプレしてます。よろしくお願いします~(^^) twitter:rin_kt
  • China
    你好,这里观看世界的菊花的观世菊(KANZEJU) 四川成都人,坐标在东京 请多多关照XD こんにちは、初めまして、かんぜでござる! 今は東京で住んでいる中国四川出身の留学生でござる。 どうぞよろしくお願いします! Hi! Here is KANZEJU, nice to meet you guys! Hope that you enjoy my cosplay work and chat with me on FB XD
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
    Hi mina ! о(ж>▽<)y ☆ I'm a cosplayer from Thailand. My cos-name is Momo'-kun . Thx for attending and like my WC >< Here is the other way to deal with my cosplay gallery FB Page : Momoshiro Aki cosplayer >>>> https://www.facebook.com/Momoshiro-Aki-cosplayer-388783027880869/
  • United States
  • Thailand
    Hi!! I'm Kaew from thailand. Nice to meet you guys. OvO
  • Viet Nam
    hi:33 I came back after one year not a cosplay photos of himself for some reason that I dropped cosplay aside, and turned, I intend to place a new cosplay is Ichimatsu in osomatsu-san the enemy will come festivities planned for the new photos Thank you liked my pictures (In the cosplay photo ichi because I was not prepared by the clothes, so I get to wear hoodie baymax :)) my instagram https://www.instagram.com/ruukanji/ my facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009242033862
  • Eva
    Ähm .... describe yourself ... I have no idea xD
  • Taiwan
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  • China
    Hi, I come from China. I am glad to be a friend with you. Thank you for loving my photo.
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
    こんちちわ! hello! 你好! bonjour! ciao! guten Tag! Здравствуйте! あさき(asaki)です。 気ままにupしていきます。
  • Laos
    Hi.I'm Namsom-chan. I'm a cosplayer from laos. Nice to miss you. ^-^
  • Brazil
    Cosplayer since 2011. You can call me "Risurin" or just "Rin". Welcome! Find me on: - Flavors.me: http://risurin.flavors.me/ - Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/risurin - Instagram: http://instagram.com/risurin - Tumblr: http://risurin.tumblr.com/ - DeviantART: http://risurin.deviantart.com/ Check out my friend's Tumblr, it has some of my pictures too! : http://rcfotocosplay.tumblr.com/