soya (soyajam)
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    Hello! ^^ ❤ Touhou ~ Aya Syameimaru, Flandre & Remilia Scarlet, Nue Houju, Orin & Oku, many others! ❤ Kancolle ~ I-19, Mogami, Nagato ❤ Higurashi / Umineko no naku koro ni ~ Bernkastel if I come on your profile and like all your pictures, it probably means that you are too cute and triggered my frenzy mode :') sorry!
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    Hi this is Zoé from Taiwan. Cos Waiting List: Soul - Soul Eater / 噬魂 - ソウルイーター Yata Misaki - Animate K / 八田 美咲 - K Sakata Gintoki - Gintama / 坂田 銀時 - 銀魂 Yato - Noragami Aragato / 夜ト - ノラガミ Ginshi Shirazu - Tokyo Ghoul / 不知吟士 - 東京喰種:re Mikazuki Munechika - Touken Ranbu / 三日月宗近 - 刀剣乱舞ONLINE Cos for the characters I liked.
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  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
    這裏亞蘭請多多指教,鏡音雙子本命一生推,薬研我老公(誤 粟田口大法好
  • United States
    I'm just your everyday otaku loving wife!! I've loved anime from a very young age & It's always played a huge role in my life.It's apart of what makes me...ME! I'm a huge collector & freelance artist. I'm happy to be here sharing my passion with all of you!! Some of my hobbies include art's & craft, collecting anime figures & merchandise, drawing, cosplaying, reading & photography . I'm a nice person but be aware that I will treat you the way you treat me!
  • Spain
    Cosplayer currently living in Spain, studying, and enjoying life. Instagram: Miyukikaz. Twitter: Zakikuyim
  • Malaysia
    Someone who loves to capture Cosplay Photos !! :D You can find me on: Facebook : Facebook Page : Instagram : Hope you guys love my works !! Arigato :)) 你好!!我是Jowen !! 我很喜欢拍Cosplay的照片!!我还是新手!!请大家多多指教哦 !! 希望你们会喜欢我的作品 !! 谢谢大家 :))
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    Hello, I'm a fan of anime and cosplay. I'm a Fujoshi..... yeah. And that's it.
  • Ss
    Hi. I am Sidre Cosplayer from Russia
  • Russia
    Hi. I'm photographer from little but so pretty city named Kaliningrad. Also you can find me here or on other sites using my nickname.