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    Kon'nichiwa! I'm Kazumi Ryuichi! I like nendoroids a lot especially Hatsune Miku-chan! I like drawing animes and dubbing too.. And I guess I'll cosplay Snow Miku-chan a lot! XD I came from an another dimension of world called...Anime Land! Lol.
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    My name is Annie ! I'm 24 years old and a Cosplayer since 2007 ♡ My major is International Management + Chinese I want to make friends from all around the world ! Pls. write in : German, English or Chinese ~ Find me here :
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    ♥ Pip Po~ My name is Chirpy and I'm a cosplayer from VN (❁´▽`❁) ♥ Nice to meet you and thank you for watching (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ ♥ FB: ♥ Tumblr :
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    ♔ ℳαrtιnα Vινιℯnnℯ ℬℴνℯ ❀ 18, acquario ♘ ℐtαℓιαn ℭℴѕ℘ℓαyℯr ℳℴяℯ LINK. ƒαcєвooк { PROFILE } ƒαcєвooк { PAGE } ∂єνιαnтΛRT ιnѕтαgяαм YOUTUBE
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    こんばんわ、みすちゃんです。僕はコスプレイヤじゃない、歌い手です。如何してここに?僕はただ見ています(笑) Hello, I am Misuchan. I am not a cosplayer, I am utaite. Why I am here? I just come here to see only. I am not a famous people, just a simple utaite. 僕は有名人じゃない、ただ普通の歌い手です。最初で、僕は歌い手です。だから、よろしくお願いします。 これは僕の曲の場所ーーー>
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    Hello everyone, my name is Benzer from the Thailand. My pag group My pag My Facebook ( Saruwatari Benzer ) Nice to meet you shuppy! <3
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    Chiyo | 18 | redHair | loves colin&mambo i'm a; CosplayerGamerAMVEditorGraphicDesigner. yup ℳy Pages: • INSTAGRAM: • YOUTUBE: • TWITTER : • ANIMEXX:… • AMV.ORG:… • FACEBOOK:… • VIMEO: • TWITTER YOUTUBE: BLABLABLA
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    HI! I'm korea cosplayer ANJE(410). I love your folllow ♥ If you follow my twitter, please mention to me! i'll refollow your twitter~^0^// 안녕하세요 안제입니다! 팔로 감사드리며, 오늘도 좋은 하루 되세요! ♪(´ε`*)
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    I cosplay, My name is Nathan, known as Nate, I'm 20 years old, live within sao paulo, started cosplaying to 19anos never stopped since then, My first cosplay was Soul Eater Evans, was a cosplay which I devoted my time and money, still have much to do to become a professional cosplayer, but never give up on your dreams because one day they are held