Emiko-chan (kyaawai)
I go by a very long name but most people know me as Kristine Tuting. You may call me Kristine, KC, Tuting, Tuts, Kuting (nyaaan~), or whatever you would like to call me, as long as it is acceptable with society.

I am currently a college student studying at the University of Santo Tomas. Whenever I have free time, I read books, watch anime, interact with our house pets, play League of Legends, or just simply organize my cosplays.

  • WorldCosplay No.157938
  • NicknameEmiko-chan
  • Geschlecht Weiblich
  • LandRepublika ng Pilipinas
  • Trafalgar Donquixote
  • Ian Santos
  • Alessa Hasashi
  • Naru
  • Catleesi
  • Zeek Santos
  • サカザキハヤト&MARIA
  • Madoka Lockser
  • jean
  • アレクウッド
  • Thánh Thông Master
  • Pika
  • RenZero
  • ryo
  • HAL
  • T5UN4M1
  • Jipri
  • KnighthawK
  • 雪兒凜子
  • Senpai cosplay
  • Kawaii Strawberry
  • Tsukihime
  • Ian Santos
  • pOtAtO gOdDeSs
  • RenZero